I was waxing philosophic today and began to wonder about what I most wanted out of life. I mean some people are purely hedonic and are looking for pleasure while others are looking to accrue wealth, security, property, or even adventures. But for me, neither does the trick. Or rather both do. I want to draw as much fun out of life as possible, but I suppose I feel compelled to have it all mean something in the end. Then it hit me. I want to experience it all. But it’s not for the sake of experience itself that I’m after. It’s the fact that experience makes us grow. And the great experiences makes us grower greater.

It’s like the difference between a good movie and a great one. After a good movie, we’re all like “Eh, that was alright”. After a great movie, your life is somehow altered. You see everything through a new prism and your life holds greater possibilities. It’s like you feel moved to act. Born into Brothels was such a movie. I wanted to help those kids out too.

What it’s all about is not just experience, but life-changing experience. I think every few years, one has to go through a life-changing experience in order to feel whole and alive. Or else we simply stagnate.

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