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Republican ElephantSure, you can criticize Bobby Jindal for sounding like a country bumpkin that talks like Mr. Rogers after a bender. Sure, you may not agree with his insinuation that Hurricane Katrina should be a model for the future of America. But you can’t criticize him for being a liar. Oh wait, maybe you can. Never mind.

I mean, the Republicans in general are the party of fiscal responsibility. In these tough economic times, isn’t it government’s duty to tighten its belt? And shouldn’t that ideology of fiscal responsibility take hold like it always has under the tender aegis of Republican control? Oh crap, now that I think about it, maybe that’s not such a good idea.

But of course, these past years Republicans have touted their patriotism like no other. They support the troops. They wave the flag. They are the party of patriotism. They love America and want America to succeed. And surely they would want its leadership to succeed in the helping America get back on its feet, right? Then again, I suppose not.

But perhaps people are too hard on the Republicans. I mean, it’s not like the party is full of crazies, shitwits, and morons.


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