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NapoleonSo I was flipping throught the channel guide one day when I stumbled upon a movie named “Napoleon”. “Oooh, I biopic…about Napoleon, ” I thought. “That sounds good.” Instead of seeing the famous general and erstwhile emperor on the screen, I see a little dog scampering about making me realize they have made yet another dog movie named after a famous person.

If it weren’t bad enough that googling “Beethoven” got you a mix of results including references to the series of dog films starring Charles Grodin, googling “Napoleon” will do the same. My only question is why. Why the assault on famous personages from the early 19th century? Who’s next? Will I see a trailer with a puppy scampering about with someone yelling “Ralph Waldo Emerson” behind? Or one where someone is talking down to a chocolate Lab saying, “Jane Austen, did you poop on the rug again?”

Stay tuned.

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