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Joe Biden at the Inaugural ParadeThe word for the inauguration? Cold. Sure, you would throw out words like inspiring, hopeful, etc., but if you were actually there, the word was ‘cold’. And yes, I had tickets to the inaugural parade, which in hindsight, ruined my day because instead of sitting back and enjoying myself, I was worried about making it to the parade route on time. And on time we did, but the secret service shut down the entrance and there we waited…in the COLD…for an hour and a half wondering if we were even going to get in. What a relief it was to get in finally…only to sit on bleachers with the COLD wind in our faces. For a parade that ended up being an hour late. Well, I guess it was too cold for the president because apparently we ducked into his car and sped through the whole procession. So we didn’t even get to see him but through a limousine window. Joe Biden, the consolation prize, got out and braved the cold weather to greet the chilled masses. And when he did, I was shivering so much, I couldn’t even get a decent non-blurry picture.

But in truth it was an exhilarating day. It was a day I never thought I’d see. To see the end of the Era of WTF-ness and see a new president take office who promises a better presidency, a better America, than what we’ve become used to. So for now, I’m still cold from that day, but I expect that once the chill wears off, a spirit of hope will replace it.

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